Summer Dates @ Threes Brewing & May 31 Lineup

We’ve just secured (and are very, very excited about) Summer dates for Out of Your Head Brooklyn at Threes Brewing. For May, June, July, and August we will be at Threes on the LAST Sunday of every month. Easy to remember, right? Those dates will be:

Sunday May 31
Sunday June 28
Sunday July 26
Sunday August 30

And hot off the press, to end this awesome co-curated run with Danny Gouker & Eric Trudel, here is the lineup for Sunday May 31. Huge thanks to Eric & Danny for all their work on this–these sets have been truly awesome & inspiring!

May 31 OOYH @ Threes:

Doors at 8:00p, $10 suggested donation

SET ONE (8:45p):

Matt Holman-trumpet
Sebastien Ammann-keyboard/piano
Nico Soffiato-guitar
Sam Ospovat-drums

SET TWO (9:45p):

Michael Foster-reeds
Rick Parker-trombone
Chris Welcome-guitar
Cody Brown-drums

SET THREE (10:45p):

Patrick Breiner-clarinet
Ben Syversen-trumpet
Landon Knoblock-keyboard/piano
Zach Swanson-bass

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Lineup for April 19 @ Threes Brewing


And we’re all set for the second round of this cycle of OOYH BK, co-curated by Danny Gouker, Eric Trudel, and Adam Hopkins. Lineup for this one is looking great, and please note the updated set times:

SET ONE (8:45p):

Jonathan Goldberger-guitar
Kenji Herbert-guitar
Booker Stardrum-drums
Carlo Costa-drums

SET TWO (9:45p):

Ed Rosenberg-saxophone
Ryan Snow-trombone
Myk Freedman-lap steel guitar
Sean Ali-bass
Nathan Ellman-Bell-drums

SET THREE (10:45p):

Justin Carroll-piano, synthesizer
Jason Ajemian-bass
Jake Leckie-bass
Deric Dickens-drums

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Lineup for March 22 @ Threes Brewing


Here’s the lineup for our March 22 show at Threes Brewing (333 Douglass Street). My very good friends Eric Trudel & Danny Gouker helped me co-curate this cycle. It promises to be an awesome night! 8:00p doors, 8:30p music, $10 suggested donation:

Set One (8:30pm):
Anna Webber-flute
Adam Schneit-clarinet
Drew Williams-bass clarinet
David Grollman-snare drum, percussion
Set Two (9:45pm):
Curtis Macdonald-reeds
Josh Sinton-reeds
Jesse Stacken-keyboard
Kate Gentile-drums
Set Three (11:00pm):
Danny Gouker-trumpet
Jake Henry-trumpet
Kenny Warren-trumpet
Greg Chudzik-bass
Adam Hopkins-bass
Will McEvoy-bass

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New Home for OOYH BK @ Threes Brewing in Gowanus

We are VERY happy and excited to announce that after an awesome first show at Threes Brewing in Gowanus, Brooklyn OOYH BK will be doing monthly shows in the space. We don’t have a set schedule yet, but starting in March we will be doing one Sunday night per month, three sets each night at Threes. We can’t thank Cherie and the fine folks at the venue enough for making the space available to us, and giving us a new place to host the series. Huge props to everyone who performed and rocked it this past Sunday night–and an equally huge thanks to all of the friends and fans of the series who came out to support. Looking forward to the next one! As of now here are our Sundays coming up:

Sunday March 22

Sunday April 19

Sunday May 31

Lineup details coming soon–see you there!

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Lineup For OOYH BK January 25 at Threes Brewing

I am very excited about OOYH BK being given the opportunity to do a trial show at Threes Brewing on Douglass Street in Gowanus. I just saw the space for the first time today and it is the perfect venue for the series. If you are free on Sunday January 25 (even if just for one set!) please come support the series so we can hopefully do more events in the space. We are packing it in on this one, with three sets, all awesome guaranteed party down barn burners. The bar is open until 2am serving drinks, and they will be serving Roberta’s Pizza until midnight. Here are the details–hope to see you there!

Out of Your Head Brooklyn @ Threes Brewing
Sunday January 25, 2015
333 Douglass Street, Brooklyn NY
8:00pm Doors, $10 suggested donation


SET ONE (8:30pm):

Brian Drye-trombone
Angela Morris-saxophone
JP Schlegelmilch-keyboards
Martin Urbach-drums/percussion
Tomas Fujiwara-drums/percussion

SET TWO (9:45pm):

Nathaniel Morgan-saxophone
Sam Weinberg-saxophone
Andrew Smiley-guitar
Simon Jermyn-bass
Sam Ospovat-drums

SET THREE (11:00pm):

Michael Foster-saxophone
Yoni Kretzmer-saxophone
John Blevins-trumpet
Landon Knoblock-keyboards/synthesizers
Kim Cass-bass
Devin Gray-drums

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OOYH BK Returns on January 25 @ Threes Brewing!

We are very excited to have been given a chance to present Out of Your Head at Threes Brewing on Sunday January 25.  Threes Brewing is a great new bar in Gowanus with the same owners as Sycamore, which is my favorite neighborhood bar in Ditmas Park. They are very into creative music and will be booking a lot of music in the upcoming months. We’re giving OOYH BK a trial run there, and if it goes well for everyone I hope to continue it there in some capacity. More on that forthcoming! For now, please hold January 25 in your calendars and I hope to see you at our next installment. Lineup coming very soon–it’s going to be a good one.

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Search & Restore on OOYH

The great NY-based website Search & Restore did a nice interview with Adam about the Summer 2014 return of OOYH Brooklyn. Unfortunately with Douglass Street Music Collective stopping all public shows we’re once again looking for a new home for the series. Any leads on that please feel free to get in touch with Adam directly. Here is the whole interview by Sam Weinberg:

Search & Restore on OOYH

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We’re Back–Summer 2014 Dates

Hello Friends of OOYH BK!

Some exciting, and some sad news simultaneously. I have been waiting for membership to come through to the Douglass Street Music Collective so that I could start the series back up regularly in Brooklyn. I finally got the membership, booked a few shows, and sadly DSMC needs to cease having shows after August 31 of this year. Major bummer to be losing one of my favorite performance spaces in Brooklyn. We’re hopeful that we’ll be able to relocate the space and continue with shows, but that will be a little bit down the road.

The good news–I have three OOYH BK dates on the books for Summer 2014. I’ll be hosting shows at DSMC on Monday July 14, Monday July 28, and Sunday August 24. Updates on personnel for the last two dates, but I’ve listed the lineup below for July 14. All shows will be three sets from 9pm until midnight. Excited to be back, even if for just a little while!


SET ONE (9:00pm)

Mariel Berger–accordion/piano
Joanna Mattrey–viola
Nathan Ellman-Bell–drums/percussion

SET TWO (10:00pm)

Anna Webber–reeds
Eric Trudel–reeds
Carlo Costa–drums
Flin van Hemmen–drums

SET THREE (11:00pm)

Ben Syversen–trumpet
Brian Drye–trombone
Dave Miller–guitar
Chris Welcome–guitar
Devin Gray–drums


SET ONE (9:00pm)

Ed Rosenberg–tenor sax
Kirk Knuffke–cornet
Patricia Franceschy–vibes

SET TWO (10:00pm)

Jesse Stacken–piano/nord
Sebastien Ammann–nord/piano
Nico Soffiato–guitar
Jonathan Goldberger–guitar
Nico Dann–drums

SET THREE (11:00pm)

Josh Sinton–reeds
Patrick Breiner–reeds
Drew Williams–reeds
Rick Parker–trombone
Achilles Kallergis–guitar


SET ONE (9:00pm)

Kenny Warren–trumpet
Dustin Carlson–guitar
Tomas Fujiwara–drums

SET TWO (10:00pm)

Will McEvoy–bass
Kate Gentile–drums
David Grollman–percussion

SET THREE (11:00pm)

Danny Gouker–trumpet
Jake Henry–trumpet
Adam Schneit–reeds
Thai Matus–piano
Max Goldman–drums

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OOYH BK Summer Hiatus

Hey Friends, and thanks for checking in! I just wanted to write a quick note for two reasons. One is as a HUGE thank you to everyone who has put something into Out of Your Head BK for the past year and a half (be it playing, or attending, or hosting, or co-curating, or for being Frank the Dog) We’ve had an awesome run at Freddy’s Bar, and are thankful for everything they’ve done for us. It was a year and a half of seriously inspiring concerts for me. And an extra huge thanks to Josh Sinton, Jesse Stacken, and Dustin Carlson for sharing in the duties of being a co-curator…making that process extra fun for me.

The other reason for this post is to announce that we will be going on a bit of a necessary hiatus for the summertime. The reasons for this are plentiful, and I feel like it is a great time to take a bit of a breather as many people leave town for the hot months. We are planning to return full force and better than ever next Fall. I’m hoping to finally archive some of the concerts on the website, and update the media section. I also plan to have live streaming of the shows when we come back, so you don’t have to be in Brooklyn to enjoy what we’re doing. All that is coming soon. Definitely watch this space for updates, and I can’t thank everyone enough for the support and love the series had received thus far!

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Full OOYH BK Schedule for Jan/Feb/March/April!!!!

Here it is! The full schedule for the next four months of Out of Your Head Brooklyn. I had a great time making these lineups with Jesse Stacken, who offered an entirely fresh perspective on combining these musicians in new and interesting ways! Can’t wait to hear this music!!!

As I was typing the schedule out I also realized that February 17 will be our One Year Anniversary Show! We usually do something special for anniversaries, but this slipped my mind until now. Currently, at the very least, it is two AMAZING bands on the schedule, as well as being Danny Gouker’s birthday. Both of these are great things…maybe we’ll find something else to help celebrate as well. But for sure come out and we’ll throw a huge party! And, as always, these dates are all on Sunday nights (first and third of every month) at Freddy’s Bar (627 5th Ave, South Slope BK). Always a brand new band, all improvised, and never a cover. Hope to see you out!


SET ONE (9:30p):
Eric Trudel-reeds
Aaron Shragge-trumpet
Mariel Berger-accordian
SET TWO (11:00p):
Anna Webber-reeds
Jake Henry-trumpet
Jonathan Goldberger-guitar
Martin Urbach-drums

SET ONE (9:30p):
Patrick Breiner-reeds
Josh Reed-trumpet
Rick Parker-trombone
Ryan Pate-guitar
Ethan Snyder-drums
SET TWO (11:00p):
Drew Williams-reeds
John Blevins-trumpet
Achilles Kallergis-guitar
Jeff McLaughlin-guitar
Tim Kuhl-drums

SET ONE (9:30p):
Danny Gouker-trumpet (BIRTHDAY!!!!)
Joe Moffett-trumpet
Dave Miller-guitar
Sebastian Noelle-guitar
Flin van Hemmen-drums
SET TWO (11:00p):
Nathaniel Morgan-reeds
Jonah Parzen-Johnson-reeds
Dan Peck-tuba
Simon Jermyn-bass
Nathan Ellman-Bell-drums

SET ONE (9:30p):
Yoni Kretzmer-tenor
Landon Knoblock-keyboards
Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic-bass
Matt Rousseau-drums
SET TWO (11:00p):
Josh Sinton-reeds
Brad Henkel-trumpet
Andrew Smiley-guitar

SET ONE (9:30p):
Ben Syversen-trumpet
Travis Reuter-guitar
Mara Rosenbloom-keyboards
Devin Gray-drums
SET TWO (11:00p):
Matt Plummer-trombone
Liz Kosack-keyboards
David Grollman-percussion

SET ONE (9:30p):
Jasmine Lovell-Smith-reeds
Kenny Warren-trumpet
Jesse Stacken-keyboards
Adam Hopkins-bass
Max Jaffe-drums
SET TWO (11:00p):
Ed Rosenberg-tenor
Owen Stewart-Robertson-guitar
Han Earl-Park-guitar
Kate Pittman-drums

SET ONE (9:30p):
Jacob Teichrow-tenor
Harvey Valdes-guitar
Will McEvoy-bass
Noel Brennan-drums
SET TWO (11:00p):
Danny Gouker-trumpet
Dustin Carlson-guitar
Noah Garabedian-bass
Carlo Costa-drums

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