OOYH Named Best Band in City Paper’s Best of Baltimore

We’re really excited and honored to have been named the Best Band in Baltimore by City Paper’s 2010 Best of Baltimore issue. It was really surprising to open up the paper and see our names considering we aren’t actually a band, per se. Either that, or we’re the biggest band in Baltimore with the exception of the BSO, and we never play together in our entirety. Regardless, we’re really excited for this and we thank City Paper for their continued support of what we’re doing. Hopefully this helps us continue to grow, and expose new people to creative and improvised music. This is what they had to say:

So maybe this isn’t a band. What of it? The best music isn’t necessarily made in bands. The Out of Your Head collective is a loose group of jazz—in the most free sense you can conceive—players and thinkers that, every Tuesday night at the Windup Space, get together in a totally new grouping of local and out-of-town performers. Maybe they play pedal steel, saxophone, trumpet, turntables, double-bass, guitar, or whatever; it doesn’t matter. After well more than a year of existence, OOYH has turned into one of Baltimore’s most consistent ground-zeroes for musical revolution—and that’s in a city of musical revolution.

We’re in great company in this years issue. Good friends of Creative Differences and Mobtown Modern (our two favorite music series’ in town) were both recognized. As was our favorite performance/art space The Windup Space (where we gather every Tuesday), awesome friends (and OOYH members) of Soul Cannon, Effervescent Collective, Mobtown Studios, etc, etc. We’re happy to just be mentioned along with all of them.

Hope to see you on a Tuesday night! New schedule coming very, very soon.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hot stuff, Adam! Congrats!

  2. Adam Hopkins says:

    Thanks, lady…we’re excited!

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