OOYH Brooklyn Schedule Sep/Oct/Nov/Dec

After a short break for OOYH BK we’re back with an all-new schedule for the next four months. I can’t thank my friend Josh Sinton enough for his help co-curating this cycle of OOYH. He had a very unique approach to scheduling and he’s come up with an amazing set of bands that will be performing from now until December. Some sets to watch out for are a quartet of drummers (!) on November 4, and Baltimore/Brooklyn night on October 7, when three friends from OOYH Baltimore will come up to perform on the Brooklyn series.

As always these shows are 1st and 3rd Sundays at Freddy’s Bar and Backroom (627 5th Ave, South Slope, BK). Sets are at 9:30 and 11pm, always no cover but donations are encouraged and greatly appreciated. Hope to see you out at some of these…I am VERY excited for what’s in store. If you see Josh (and I’m sure you will) buy him a beer for his efforts…he put a lot of work into this!


SET ONE (9:30p)
Jonathan Goldberger-guitar
Han-Earl Park-guitar
Sean Ali-bass
Will McEvoy-bass
SET TWO (11:00p)
Ben Syversen-trumpet
TJ Huff-guitar
Dustin Carlson-guitar
Mark Ziegler-bass

10/7: Baltimore Exchange Day!!! (We welcome some close friends from our Bmore chapter of OOYH)

SET ONE (9:30p)
Anna Webber-reeds
Josh Reed-trumpet
Sebastian Noelle-guitar
Blake Cramer-vibes
Noah Garabedian-bass
Flin von Hemmen-drums
SET TWO (11:00p)
Josh Sinton-reeds
Kenny Warren-trumpet
Matt Frazao-guitar
Landon Knoblock-keyboards
Jon Birkholz-keyboards
Devin Gray-drums


SET ONE (9:30p)
Adam Schneit-reeds
Sebastien Ammann-keyboards
Pascal Niggenkemper-bass
Noel Brennan-drums
SET TWO (11:00p)
Yoni Kretzmer-tenor sax
Joe Moffett-trumpet
Liz Kosack-keyboards
Mike Ross-drums


SET ONE (9:30p)
Drew Williams-reeds
Danny Gouker-trumpet
JP Schlegelmilch-keyboards
Keisuke Matsuno-guitar
Matt Rosseau-drums
SET TWO (11:00p)
Carlo Costa-drums
Kate Pittman-drums
Devin Gray-drums
Devin Drobka-drums


SET ONE (9:30p)
Patrick Breiner-reeds
Timo Volbrecht-reeds
Tim Kuhl-drums
SET TWO (11:00p)
Curtis Sydnor-keyboards
Scott Colberg-bass
Max Jaffe-drums


SET ONE (9:30p)
Jacob Teichroew-reeds
Jesse Stacken-keyboards
Greg Chudzik-bass
SET TWO (11:00p)
Jasmine Lovell-Smith-sax
Owen Stewart-Robertson-guitar
David Grollman-percussion

SET ONE (9:30p)
Jake Henry-trumpet
Brad Henkel-trumpet
Darius Jones-trombone
Matt Plummer-trombone
SET TWO (11:00p)
Nathaniel Morgan-alto sax
Ed Rosenberg-tenor sax
Dave Miller-guitar
Adam Hopkins-bass
Martin Urbach-drums/percussion

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